Our Team


Linda Cribb

The board and rescue community mourn the passing of ECADR's Founder and President, Linda Cribb. We commemorate her for her advocacy of the rights of animals, especially her love and care for Asian breed dogs.

Because of Linda's tireless dedication, over 350 dogs have found permanent homes. If they were not adoptable Linda fostered and adopted them herself.

We will miss her profoundly as we carry on and honor her legacy.

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Our Team is the best around. Dedicated men and women whose biggest reward is to see a homeless dog matched up with the perfect family. We are now looking for volunteers to fill two spots on the board.


Barb Lettiere

Vice President

Coming Soon

Vice President

Gail Williams


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Member Name Title State
Cheryl Hansen Webmaster CA
Susan Preuss Member CT
Sylvia Daniels Member DE
Jennifer Duncan Member DE
Sue Greer Member DE
Karen Harris Member DE
Ruth Lamothe Member DE
Linda Ovitt Member DE
Dot Owens-Davis Member DE
Patricia VanGilder Member DE
Linda Classon Member FL
Alleen Owen Member GA
Tessa Chantal Dahl Member MA
Ellen Hordon-Dugas Member MA
Roxanne Samii-Brown Member MA
Pamela Berger Member MD
Vicki Ringwelski Member MD
Jackie Riley Member MD
Donna Schober Member MD
Theresia Waimuri Member MD
Karen Payne Member ME
Elaine Nichols Member NC
Jessica Stallings Member NC
Kelly Wiley Member NC
Patricia Wisneski Member NC
Katherine Lauscha Member NH
Bonnie Beaulieu Member NJ
Eileen Caiazza Member NJ
Marisa Capozzo Member NJ
Laurel Carlson Member NJ
Peggy Casasanto Member NJ
Karen Colangelo Member NJ
Marion Craner Member NJ
Jennifer Cunningham Member NJ
Heather DeFilipo Member NJ
Victoria DePasquale Member NJ
Dorothy Diorio Member NJ
Rita DiVenti Member NJ
Faye Dorbert Member NJ
Lee Ann Farrell Member NJ
Fred Hafdelin Member NJ
Steve Gittleman Member NJ
Sylvia Gittleman Member NJ
Melanie Hafdelin Member NJ
Heidi Handler Member NJ
Lynn Harbin Member NJ
Pamela Hayes, CPA Member NJ
Maureen Ippolito, DVM Member NJ
Tish Jacoby Member NJ
Monica Jarvis Member NJ
Elizabeth McMahon Member NJ
Lily Moss Member NJ
Ellen Mulholland Member NJ
Jacklyn Murphy Member NJ
Naomi Purul Member NJ
Karen Quigley Member NJ
Alice Rainey Member NJ
Kristina Roselle Member NJ
Wendy Rosen Member NJ
Nucci Ross Member NJ
Tammy SanGiacomo Member NJ
Liz Sarabocca Member NJ
Laurel Smith Member NJ
Shelley Smith Member NJ
Elena Thomsen Member NJ
Mary Lynn Tomaino Member NJ
Jasmine Trudel Member NJ
Linda Vanderhoff Member NJ
Loretta Vogler Member NJ
Marylou Wisbeski Member NJ
Christine Clark Member NY
Nancy Clark Member NY
Betsy Goldman Member NY
Kerri Kelly Member NY
Sue LeBron Member NY
Anna McGonigle Member NY
Lisa Miller Member NY
Susan Popoff Member NY
Robin Reed Member NY
Susannah Reome Member NY
Joyce Rockenstire Member NY
Suzanne Schoonover Member NY
Christine Stragazzi Member NY
Jennifer Telesco Member NY
Laurel Townley Member NY
Theresa Wilson Member NY
Stacey Brason Member PA
Kathy Elmy Member PA
Doady Flores Member PA
Barb Lettiere President, Adoption Committee PA
Christine German Member PA
Michael German Member PA
Rikki Guber Member PA
Joan Krayeski Member PA
Margaret McLaughlin Member PA
Margaret Ribeiro Member PA
Sue Warren Member PA
Earl Weller Member PA
JoAnne Weller Member PA
Suzanne Williams Member PA
Deana Zamuria Member PA
Pete Zillitto Member PA
Rose Zillitto Treasurer PA
Karen St. Jean Member RI
Nancy Landry Member RI
Sarah DuBose Member SC
Kim Venturo Member SC
Carol Schultz Member TN
Mike Alabre Member VA
Teodora Alabre Member VA
Jennifer Atkins Member VA
Gerald Brandsasse Member VA
Janet Brandsasse Member VA
Mihaela Carstei Member VA
Cynthia Cossu Member VA
Julie Denison Member VA
Maile Elkins Member VA
Joyce Felton Member VA
Christina Gibson Member VA
Amanda Graham Jr. Member VA
Janet Gurwell Member VA
Angi Holden Member VA
Lonna Leonard Member VA
Robert Leonard Member VA
Barry George Member VA
Debbie George Member
Alexandra Greeley Member VA
Wanda Mixson Member VA
Paula Pritchard Member VA
Melanie Samet Member VA
Shane Schwaneke Member VA
Sandy Skates Member VA
Gail Williams Member VA
Renae Wood Member VA
Debbie Johnson Member WV
Krista Vandall Member WV