Puppy Mills Defined

Puppy Mill Dogs

Puppy mills are cramped, crude and filthy places where unhealthy, sickly, sometimes genetically deficient dogs are bred solely for profit. Dogs are bred from the first time they come into heat until they die. Females are bred every cycle and often to multiple males in one cycle. The miller kills dogs that are unable to produce, as they are now no longer of any use. The lucky ones are shot, others are starved to death.

Thousands of puppies are born in mills, usually without shelter from the sun, snow, wind and other elements. Cages are stacked on top of each other, with nothing in between, allowing urine and feces to fall through onto whatever lays below--usually other dogs. Puppies and adults with acid burns and skin lesions from wallowing in their own excrement are not uncommon.

Puppies are taken from their mothers at only a few weeks old, often 4 or less, and sold to brokers. The brokers then pack the puppies into crates so they can be resold to pet stores all over the country. Puppies are shipped by truck or plane, often without adequate food, water, ventilation or shelter. This treatment regularly results in the death of almost half of the animals on board.

Puppy mills and pet stores maximize profits by not spending money on proper food, shelter or veterinary care. The food fed in puppy mills is often purchased from dog food companies by the truckload, and is usually made up of floor sweepings from the factory. The food is so lacking in nutrition that the dogs become sick, sometimes to the point of death.

No matter what pet shops tell you, puppy mills supply 99% of the pet stores in America. Reputable breeders will not ever sell puppies to stores.

About Puppymill Rescue

Puppymill Rescue is a not-for-profit Internet based organization. We have a membership made up of folks of all walks of life, ages, careers, and geographic locations. Puppymillrescue works to buy the freedom of hundreds of puppies and dogs from the horror of puppy mills. Our volunteer's foster dogs fundraise, attend auctions, transport, and most importantly, educate others about the plight of mill dogs.

You can find out more information about Puppymill Rescue, see pictures of puppy mills, and read about dogs we have saved, meet those up for adoption, and learn more about this epidemic of cruelty on our web site: www.PuppymillRescue.com.

How to Fight Puppy Mills

The first step in fighting the war on the mills is to donate time, money, supplies, anything that will assist us in the fight. The second step is education. Not everyone can be on the front lines all the time. Spreading the word to decrease demand for pet store puppies is just as effective a weapon as taking the dogs out of the breeding cycle. Tell your friends and family, eventually the stores and mills will shut their door forever.

The third step is activism. Write to your lawmakers and elected officials. Tell them that organized, industrialized cruelty to animals will not be tolerated. Ask them to enforce the laws that are currently on the books and to work to make them more stringent and fair to the animals. Write letters send faxes and emails, even organize protests at a local store that sells puppies. Make your voice heard for the millions trapped in mills that have no voice at all.

Finally, keep an eye on your local paper. Puppymills are everywhere, in every state, and there might be one just down the street from you. If you see an ad advertising multiple breeds for sale at one location, you've probably found one. Encourage your local enforcement authorities to visit these places and demand that they are up to code. Or, visit them yourself and document any abuses you find.